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The following links are for XPP stuff (software written by Bard Ermentrout).

* The xpp 5.41 manual

* A quick look at xpp or check Ermentraut's tutorial

* How to install xpp. To run XPP you need a Unix emulator.  NJIT provides X-Win free for students to use (Read Section 3 on X-Windows in Windows.).  Go to http://csd.njit.edu/software/index.php to download and install it.
    Another alternative is installing the freeware Xming. Download the installation file from here.

* xpp compiled for MS WindowsThis is a zipped file and must be extracted to C:\  in Windows. When the file is extracted, it creates a subdirectory "xppall" with all the appropriate files in it to run xpp.  Do not make a subdirectory yourselves and extract the files into it, because there will be a second nested subdirectory and the batch file xxp.bat will not find the files it needs.

* If you are an NJIT student you can download X-Win32 from the NJIT software site and run that as a X-server

*Alternatively to X-Win:  Link to MI/X web site to get the demo version of the MI/X X-Windows server for MS Windows. The demo runs for 15 days. You can buy it for $25.00 from this web page on line.  Otherwise, download MI/X 4.0 for Windows demo version and install it on your PC. It installs easily and then you need to run it first.  Then run the xpp.bat file. If your trial period expires, just set the date on your machine to a previous date when it worked or reinstall the demo version.

* An alternative to installing X-Windows on Microsoft Windows is to download and install a free version of the linux operating system that operates in MS Windows. If this is what you want to do check out the Cygwin web site.

* Finally, if with all of the above you fail to get XPP to run, you can install the Windows version of XPP called WinPP.  Download the WinPP.zip or WinPP.tgz files and install. For a tutorial look in here

Here is a freeware plotting program called gnuplot (this version is for MS Windows; for the UNIX version see http://www.gnuplot.info/

* Gnuplot for Windows
* The Gnuplot Manual

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